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Simple Steps to Keep Your Floors Sparkling Clean During Summer

Bryn Mawr Flooring Store

Summertime activities are a blast! The only part that’s not so fun is when debris such as grass, water, sand and dirt gets tracked inside and ends up on your floors. Luckily, it’s easy enough to prevent and handle summer messes on flooring of any type. Just follow these tips and tricks from Norman Carpet, the Bryn Mawr flooring store:

  • Require your family to wear shoes outside – Going barefoot may feel good, but it’s likely to leave feet covered in grass, mud or even asphalt from the driveway. You definitely don’t want these things getting transferred to your floors. So, remind everyone in the family to wear shoes outdoors (and to take them off when they come back inside!).
  • Place door mats in strategic locations – Putting door mats in the right places can go a long way in preventing outside dirt from being drug through your home. For maximum defense against debris, place a mat on both the outside and inside of each door leading into your home. This will help trap sand, dirt and moisture before these unwanted particles can make their way past the entryway.
  • Get in the habit of vacuuming more often – Even with door mats and shoe rules, some dirt and dust are still bound to collect on your floors. To keep up with summer grime, our flooring store in Bryn Mawr suggests breaking out the vacuum. Regular vacuuming will keep any kind of flooring – from carpet to tile to hardwood – in great condition.
  • Don’t let messes go – Whether it’s a spill or a trail of debris, you should do your best to clean up messes soon after they occur. This way, you’ll prevent dirt from spreading and reduce the chance of stains setting in.

Hopefully, this checklist will come in handy as you seek to keep a clean house while enjoying the gorgeous summer weather. If you found this information to be helpful, our Bryn Mawr flooring store invites you to check out our resource on how to clean different types of floors.

Time for New Flooring? Discover a World of Options at Norman Carpet!

If your flooring has seen its day, you can count on Norman Carpet to help you find an amazing replacement. Whether you’d like to stick with the same kind of flooring or switch to something totally new, you’re sure to come across something you love at our Conshohocken location or our top-rated flooring store in Bryn Mawr!

We’re here to answer all of your flooring questions and help you find a material that works for your family’s needs. We’ll do it all for an unbeatable price. Call us today at 800-220-RUGS (7847) to get your floor transformation underway and see for yourself why we’re the flooring store Bryn Mawr trusts!

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