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Alternate Options For Kids’ Bedroom Floors

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Perhaps you’ve dreamt of hardwood floors in the living room, tile in the bathroom, and ceramic in the kitchen. Each flooring option has benefits and drawbacks, depending on the location and use. When choosing the surface for your child’s bedroom, Norman Carpet One, the top flooring store near Plymouth Meeting, is here to offer helpful advice.

You’re Not Limited To Carpet In The Kids’ Bedrooms

For a child’s bedroom, the most important qualities in a floor are durability, safety, and ease of cleaning. A lot will go on in your children’s rooms that may cause wear and tear faster than other areas of the house. Heavy foot traffic, spilled drinks, coloring catastrophes, and general play will eventually take its toll.

While carpeting is typically the traditional option to provide a soft surface, some children may suffer from allergy issues when exposed to carpet long-term due to the likelihood of trapped dust and dirt. It can also be difficult to keep clean if there are frequent messes. If you’re looking for other ideas, there are many other flooring options to consider, such as:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Temporary Carpet Squares
  • Area Rugs
  • Cork Floors

As your child matures, you may prefer hardwood flooring in the bedroom. One option is to start with the hardwood flooring, even at a young age, but place temporary surfaces over top of the wood. For safety and sound absorption, adhesive carpet squares can be put down. You can choose different colors and patterns that match your child’s personality. They are also easy to remove and replace as necessary. Selecting various area rugs is also a simple solution to providing a softer surface than exposed hardwood. Your favorite flooring store serving Plymouth Meeting has a wide selection to choose from!

Children also love the feeling of cork floors under their feet. This flooring option will last for many years. It is also natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Cork floors come in varying degrees of thickness to make it softer, and it has the appearance of a wood floor. For a child who often leaves a mess behind, cork is a great option because it is easy to clean and difficult to stain! One thing to keep in mind is that cork can be damaged by sharp objects. However, if you choose cork tiles, you can spot-replace as necessary.

Call The Leading Flooring Store Near Plymouth Meeting For All Your Flooring Needs

No need to feel overwhelmed by all your options. Instead, call the friendly professionals at Norman Carpet One near Plymouth Meeting to discuss your flooring needs. You can schedule a personal consultation with a design consultant who can assist you in determining the best flooring solution! Contact the flooring store serving Plymouth Meeting to choose a flooring surface for your child’s bedroom.

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