3 Suitable Flooring Options for Homes with Pets

3 Suitable Flooring Options for Homes with Pets

Your home’s flooring is a major investment, so naturally you want it to hold up for as long as possible. To maximize the longevity of the floors throughout your home, it’s essential to select materials that are well suited to your family. And if your family includes one or more four-legged friends, then you’ll need something extra durable that can withstand daily wear and tear from paws and claws! To land on pet-friendly flooring, our flooring store near King of Prussia suggests looking for something that is resistant to scratches and moisture, plus offers traction and comfort.

Here are a few flooring materials dog and cat owners might consider:

  1. Bamboo – This sustainable flooring option is a wonderful choice for those with pets, as it is made to handle high traffic from both feet and paws. Further, it is less susceptible to stains and scratches than traditional hardwood flooring, although it’s best to choose a lighter finish in order to avoid visible marks.
  2. VinylVinyl flooring offers several notable benefits that make it perfect for pets: it provides excellent traction, it’s simple to maintain and it’s not likely to show scratches or trap many allergens. Just be sure to clean up any accidents right away, as moisture can damage this type of flooring if it sits for too long.
  3. Stone tile – Stone tile is another very viable option for households with pets thanks to its supreme scratch and spill resistance. The only caveat is that tile doesn’t offer much warmth or coziness. Luckily, you can easily get around this by adding a few stain-resistant area rugs where your furry pals can cuddle up.

Whether you’re building a new home or doing some renovations, selecting any of these flooring materials will help you create a space that works great for your pets!

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