Area Rugs: Decorating with Purpose

Area Rugs: Decorating with Purpose

Area rugs can enhance the aesthetics of a space, define different areas within a room, add warmth, and provide a comfortable surface. They can also protect your floors and reduce noise. The choice of an area rug depends on your aesthetic preferences and the function you want it to serve in a particular space.

What most people do not realize is that you can take customization further by turning broadloom carpet into a custom sized area rug. Area rugs made from broadloom refer to rugs that are created from a roll of carpeting material known as broadloom carpet. The advantage of creating area rugs from broadloom is that they can be custom sized to fit specific spaces or even be contoured to the unique shape of a space. Because broadloom carpet comes in rolls, it is possible to create large, seamless area rugs that can cover an entire room. Additionally, broadloom carpet comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, which can be used to create unique and personalized area rugs.

To create an area rug from broadloom, the carpet is cut to the desired size and shape, and then the edges are finished to prevent fraying. The rug can be bound with a tape or fabric border, or serged, which is a sewing technique that finishes the edge with a tightly wrapped thread.

Choosing the right size and or shape for your area rug is very subjective and can depend on multiple factors. When sizing and placing area rugs, consider the following tips:

1. Define Purpose: Determine whether you want the rug to anchor furniture, define a specific area, or simply add visual interest.

2. Size Matters: Ensure the rug is an appropriate size for the room. It's generally recommended to leave a border of flooring around the rug.

3. Furniture Placement: If anchoring furniture, ensure that the rug is large enough for all furniture legs to sit comfortably on it, or at least the front legs.

4. Room Shape: For square rooms, consider placing the rug at an angle to add interest. In rectangular rooms, align the rug with the room's longer side.

5. Leave Space: Allow for some space between the rug and the walls. A common rule is to leave18 inches of bare floor, but it can vary based on room size.

6. Consistent Style: Ensure the rug complements the overall style and color scheme of the room.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and personal preferences play a significant role in rug placement. Once you get your area rug into your space you will see the how it injects more of your aesthetic and a warmth to your home!

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