Big Cleanup After The Big Game

Big Cleanup After The Big Game

The last game of the football season is quickly approaching. This game brings big groups of people together to socialize, watch football, eat, and have a great time. What many people don’t think about beforehand is the cleanup process that must be done during and after the fun is over. If you’re hosting a party at your home for the big game this Sunday, take the advice of Norman Carpet One, the top flooring store in Bryn Mawr, on how to best tidy up.

Filthy Floors? Cleanup Made Easy!

As your guests arrive, they will inevitably track in the dirt and grime from the outside world. During your party, food and drinks are likely to spill. By the time everyone leaves, you could be very overwhelmed by the scene before you. But there is no need to panic! Thanks to your friendly Bryn Mawr flooring store, you can be prepared to tackle the messes on any type of flooring.

Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors anywhere in your home, it is best to clean up a mess as soon as possible following an incident. Whether it’s spilled juice, pizza grease, or tracked-in mud, you should immediately wipe it up to prevent any serious damage to your flooring.

As with most floors, there is a right way and wrong way to clean hardwood. After your party, make sure you do not use bleach, detergent, or any abrasive cleaning pads on this flooring.


Is your living room carpeted? Will you be watching the game in this room? Have no fear – there are ways to remove spills before they turn into permanent stains.

First, remember to never scrub spills out of the carpet – always blot. Scrubbing will further push the substance in the carpet and can also ruin the carpet’s fibers. Blot the fresh spill or mark with a clean, dry cloth to soak up as much as possible.

Try to be aware of what each substance is. Whether it’s grease, juice, or dirt will make a difference in what cleaning product you should use to remove it. Applying carpet cleaner directly on the mark and letting it sit will help remove it. Be careful not to apply too much – excessive moisture on a carpet can cause mold. Rinse out the carpet cleaner and blot dry.

If you’re really worried about the state of your carpet, perhaps early February is a great time to hire a professional carpet cleaner for a good deep clean!


Laminate is one of the easiest floors to clean after a mess occurs! When you witness a spill, use a sponge or rag to wipe up the substance. Once everyone leaves, it’s as easy as pulling out the vacuum and running it over the floor to pick up crumbs and dirt. Be sure not to wax or polish your laminate floors.

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