Flooring 101: Covering the Basics

Flooring 101: Covering the Basics

Not everyone is a flooring expert. And that’s ok! That’s what we at Norman Carpet One, the highly rated Conshohocken flooring store, are here for. There are endless flooring options to choose from when you’re ready to give your home a makeover, and it all depends on your style preferences and each room’s purpose. Read on to learn all about the different types of flooring options we offer you at our Conshohocken flooring store.

Your Flooring Options

No two flooring types are alike – they all have unique aspects about them, including the look, texture, color, material, pattern, etc. Variation means you have the ability to choose what sticks out to you and not worry that every other house on the block looks the same exact way. But in case you need a quick rundown on flooring options, we have you covered.

  1. Hardwood. This is a true classic that looks beautiful in almost all settings. While on the costly end of the flooring price range, the look, feel, and warmth of hardwood flooring is incomparable. And fortunately, our Conshohocken flooring store offers a wide variety and the lowest prices in the region!
  2. Tile. For a less expensive but beautiful and waterproof option, check out tile flooring. This is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but know that it can tend to get cold!
  3. Laminate. If you’re looking for easy installation, you have to look at laminate. It’s also super easy to clean, durable, and low cost. This can be a great alternative to hardwood flooring.
  4. Carpet. One of the most popular options that everyone is familiar with: carpet. Norman Carpet offers an extensive inventory of the finest carpets in a wide range of colors and materials. It is soft and feels good on the feet, warms up a room, and is easy to clean with a quick vacuuming. However, it’s not great in an area that is susceptible to food and drink stains, it can be more expensive, and it can attract allergens.
  5. Cork. Ever think you’d hear of cork as a flooring option?! It’s actually a great choice for bedrooms, basements, or playroom, especially because the soft, cushiony flooring is very comfortable. Cork is environmentally friendly, mold resistant, and is great at absorbing sound. But be careful: it can be ruined if standing water is left on it and might be discolored by sunlight.

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