How to Get Rid of Glitter

How to Get Rid of Glitter

It could have started as an innocent arts and crafts project, or maybe a birthday party. Or it could have happened around the holidays as you were wrapping gifts. Next thing you know, you can’t get rid of it. Glitter. Once glitter comes into your home, it’s not easy to get rid of, especially if it gets into your carpets. Does this mean you should rip out all your carpeting and find new carpeting from the Conshohocken flooring store? You can if you’re in need of a new carpet! But there are other steps you can take to remove glitter before you have to resort to removing every trace of affected carpeting.

Glitter Be Gone, Once and For All!

Glitter is pretty and sparkly when it’s on the intended surface – cards, wrapping paper, craft projects. But unfortunately, it very rarely stays just on those things. Whether you find it on your skin, clothing, or floor, you won’t have an easy time getting rid of it. So what should you do if you find it in your carpet? Here are some tips from Norman Carpet One, your favorite Conshohocken flooring store.

  1. The first step is obvious…vacuum! Go over your carpet with your vacuum, but know that this alone is usually not enough to rid the surface of all glitter.
  2. For those specks of glitter that are embedded into your carpet, use a rubber gloved hand to loosen the pieces up. Run your hand back and forth over the area.
  3. Then, use your vacuum’s upholstery brush attachment to go back over the area and suck up the loosened pieces.
  4. Still seeing some sparkle? Try going over the area several times with a lint brush. You will likely have to rip off sheets a few times and continue going at it. (Don’t have a lint brush? Wrap masking tape around your hand and use it the same way!)

At the end of this process, hopefully you will be rid of all the glitter! But if you find yourself catching a glimmer every so often, just be patient. With frequent cleaning, you’ll get rid of it eventually. And if it’s too much to bear, you can always call in a professional carpet cleaner to do some heavy duty glitter removal!

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