Remove Stubborn Pet Hair from Your Carpets

Remove Stubborn Pet Hair from Your Carpets

Many of us have pets in our lives that have become part of the family. Our furry friends often feel that they have free reign over the house, lounging on furniture and walking on carpets. Because you may not have the heart to banish your beloved pet from certain areas of the home, Norman Carpet One, the trusted carpet store serving Plymouth Meeting, suggests putting into practice these tips for best removing pet hair from your carpet.

Pet Hair Be Gone!

Over time, the hair of your cat or dog (or any other furry pet) inevitably becomes embedded deep into the fibers of your carpet. Running the vacuum just isn’t enough to remove all the hair. Sometimes you need to go a few steps further to completely eliminate the hair buildup.

  • Rubber Squeegee Method – When you think of a squeegee, you most likely think of window cleaning, not carpet cleaning. Surprisingly, this tool works wonders in pulling up pet hair! Rubber has natural gripping properties that serve as a hair magnet. By using short strokes on a small area of your carpet, gather the clumps of fur into a centralized location and vacuum it up. If you need to work on a large area, you might consider using a long handled squeegee. Rubber squeegees are gentle on fabrics and get the job done!
  • Rubber Gloves – If you don’t have a squeegee handy, simply put on some rubber gloves, preferably with a textured surface. Again, the properties in the rubber will work the hair out of the carpet. Use short, sweeping motions with your gloved hands, and you’ll quickly begin to see tufts of pet hair appear at the surface of your carpet. Rubber gloves are a great option for getting in corners and under furniture.
  • Pet Hair Vacuum – Many vacuum manufactures now offer specialized pet hair vacuums to tackle this issue. These vacuums have powerful suction, a better filtration system, silicone brushes, and special attachments and tools. If you have multiple pets with long hair and shedding issues, a pet hair vacuum could be a worthwhile investment for you.

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