Spotlight on Ceramic: Why We Love It for Kitchens, Bathrooms & More!

Spotlight on Ceramic: Why We Love It for Kitchens, Bathrooms & More!

Whether it’s on a wall, floor or counter, ceramic tile delivers a clean and timeless appearance that can suit virtually any space in the home. But beauty is just the beginning of what makes this classic material a very worthy contender if you’ve got a remodel on the horizon. Allow our Conshohocken flooring store to introduce you to some perks of ceramic that may not be on your radar yet:

  • Wards off allergy triggers – Thanks to its non-porous surface, ceramic doesn’t collect much dust or debris at all. This makes it a great option if someone in your family suffers from allergies or you’re simply on a mission to breathe the cleanest, healthiest air possible!
  • Makes maintenance a breeze – Going along with the last point, since dirt doesn’t cling easily to ceramic, it requires minimal cleaning. And when it’s time for a refresh, you’ve got options – you can mop, vacuum or wipe down ceramic tile to get it looking like new again.
  • Resists water (and other liquids!) – It’s no mystery why moisture resistance is a must-have feature for surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Ceramic checks this box, so there’s no need to worry about splashes and spills when you select this built-to-last material.
  • Gives you tons of artistic freedom – Last but definitely not least, our Conshohocken flooring store would like to point out that ceramic comes in a wow-worthy range of colors, patterns, textures and sizes. In other words, you’ll have no trouble finding ceramic tiling that fits your taste and blends seamlessly with the rest of your home’s décor – no matter what that might look like!

Simple to clean, ceaselessly stylish and unbeatably durable, ceramic tile is without a doubt one of the best materials out there for floors, backsplashes, ceilings, countertops and many other spots in your residence!

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